You: Thinking Different.
Us: Making Different Happen.

You have to break the old rules to succeed in the new world. You need to be different to lead. Being called ‘different’ is not for everyone, but it’s a badge of honor to us and it’s what keeps us ahead in a world that changes every morning.

Yesterday’s rules no longer apply. And tomorrow will be defined by trying new things, experimenting in real-time and shape-shifting to find new pathways to success whether that’s driving connections, sales, loyalty or being a part of the campaign that everyone’s talking about.

We’ve been reinventing communications for over 25 years. We have the experience to know the rules and the audacity to break them. We don’t settle or play it safe. You shouldn’t either.

You want to do things differently — and we’re the integrated communications agency that makes doing things differently our business.

Our Core Values

  1. Our Power is Our People
    We obsess over everyone’s success and achieve greatness as a team. We are all both teachers and students.
  2. We’re Intellectually Curious
    We dig beneath the surface to uncover unexpected insights that lead to great creative. We have a point of view and we are empowered to share it.
  3. Less Talk, More Action
    We are gritty, tenacious and make it happen. We are problem solvers.
  4. Story Builders Who Move Audiences
    We connect with and inspire our audience. We actively listen to what our client or team is really saying and read between the lines.
  5. Client Marriages (Partners, Not Vendors)
    We build partnerships with our clients and earn their respect. Their success is our success.
  6. Entrepreneurial Spirit
    We are driven to build our clients’ business — and our business — forward and everyone participates.
  7. Work Smart, Have Fun & Do The Right Thing
    We take it all seriously but we also take it in stride. At heart, we are a cool, crazy family.

Our Team


Susan Butenhoff
Founder & CEO

My PR and life manifesto: solve challenges, create opportunities, and create positive impact. Look to have fun and be humane.


Matt Afflixio

Small business obsessed man for 30 years with a passion for pitching, positioning and pinot. By day: PR exec. By night: restaurateur.


Amanda Moulson
GM London

Proud GM of the sharpest and most loveable team of reprobates in Londontown.


Cori Barrett

Team-building, sports-loving, wanna-be novelist who never writes, word lover & hater…mom of 2 sarcastic/active kids. #syd #max


Evelyn Sprigg

Skincare junkie with copious tea habit to fuel first-of-kind personal and health care programs for companies and influencers.


Lindsay Scalisi
Senior Vice President

Lover of tech, obsessed with my kids, finds sanity in fitness, sarcasm is a must.


Jennifer Fellner
Senior Vice President

At Access Emanate 20+ years. Split time between tech and consumer companies. Expert multi-tasker, mother of four.


Kate Adorno
Senior Vice President

A little crazy, a little loud and a little too Jersey. Lover of B2B tech, supply chains and carbs.


Blair Arthur
Senior Vice President,

Question queen. Planner in life and work, unearthing insights and spotting truths everywhere I go.

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